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The Widebody, Turbocharged RWB 964 “Pandora One” – Video


The Bay Area bad boy.

RWB is quickly gaining popularity not only through the Porsche community, but the entire automotive community as well. One of the latest cars to hit the streets of the US is the Fatlace RWB 964 911 nicknamed “Pandora One.” No, it’s not that online music player that you have to pay a monthly fee for; it’s a completely upgraded and tuned 911 that commands attention.

The “Pandora One” RWB 964 generation 911 began life as a naturally-aspirated Porsche 911 until it was purchased on eBay and given the RWB treatment. The 911 was then brought to FFTEC for tuning and upgrades to the engine. The team decided to install a new turbocharger on the naturally-aspirated engine, which required extensive modification and tuning.

FFTEC had to upgrade the entire fuel system on the RWB 964 with larger injectors, a new pump, and convert it to e85 fuel. The team also tuned the engine’s management system with an AEM-supplied unit and the billet-wheel turbocharger was installed. After two days of tuning, the team was able to fire up the engine and put down approximately 500 horsepower.

The RWB “Pandora One” is a one-of-a-kind widebody 911 that has been featured in numerous auto shows and will continue to turn heads with its bright green paint and loud turbocharger.

[Source: seanatfftec YouTube Channel]

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