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Time for MvT’s ‘Sh*t Corvette Owners Say’ Video!

MvT Sh*t Corvette Owners Say

Stereotyping 50-year-old men.

We all know the stereotypical middle-aged men that own Corvettes and drive them super slow on the road while acting like they own the greatest vehicle ever produced. This time, the guys at Muscle vs Tuner are here to make fun of these owners in a very NSFW video.

MvT Sh*t Corvette Owners Say

According to Tom Reynolds, a 50-year-old foreman at the steel mill, this Corvette Z06 features vents made in collaboration with NASCAR and NASA to make sure that you can go around a track faster than Dale Earnhardt Jr. It has a procharger that looks suspiciously like an alternator, which allows it to make 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft. of torque, as shown on the interior badge. Also inside the cabin is a hidden compartment where Reynolds hides his pain pills for his back from his grandkids.

The Corvette Z06 is a serious machine, especially with a foul-mouthed old man on pain pills behind the wheel.

(Warning NSFW language)

Source: Muscle vs Tuner

How spot-on is this stereotypical ‘Sh*t Corvette Owners Say’ video?


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