Time to Tear it Up with Some BMW M1 Procars!

BMW M1 Procar Racing

Flame-spitting, old-school fun.

The BMW M1 was pretty freaking awesome when it was ripping through the streets during its short, low-volume production. It was even better when the BMW M1 Procar Championship was running with their one-make, race-spec models.

BMW M1 Procar Racing

These BMW M1 Procars were made with wider fenders, new wheels, roll cages, safety gear, and lots of other motorsport-spec equipment for the one-make series. They each also had a 3.5-liter inline-six cylinder engine that was modified by a team under the watch of Paul Rosche, which could make up to 470 horsepower compared to the road-legal model’s 277 horsepower. They also spit quite a bit of fire.

It’s not often that you see these classic track-spec beasts roaming the circuit, but when you do, it’s a real treat. So, turn up your speakers and bask in the auditory glory of these BMW M1 Procars racing.

Source: NM2255 Car HD Videos YouTube

Would you even think twice about driving a BMW M1 Procar around a track?


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