Top 10 Douchebag Drivers Who Got What Was Coming to Them

There’s a special kind of rage and anger inside all of us saved for douchebag drivers such as when they cut you off in traffic or play their music so loudly that people’s ears start to bleed; we all feel it.

But there’s always that rare moment when the douchebag finally gets what they deserve by wrecking their cars in some way or getting themselves in a spot of bother through their douchebaggery.

We’ve trawled the depths of the internet to find the most satisfying cases of people driving like douchebags and getting what was coming to them. Enjoy!

10. A Quick, Quiet Exit


This is the first Lamborghini featured on this list and definitely won’t be the last. We like the way the driver reverses and drives off as if nothing had happened.

9. Dodge Viper Couldn’t Dodge This


Guess what happens when you’re driving too fast and don’t know what’s there when coming out of a tunnel? You crash.

8. Douchebag Bumper Cars

The worst cars featured on this list and also the worst driving double act too. They managed to crash into each other in an empty car park. Now that’s some skill!

7. A Straight Road With No Traffic, What Could Go Wrong?


Some guy floors the gas on his Chevelle and meets his new friend – Mr Ditch. Crashing a new super car is stupid but crashing a classic car is plain wrong.

6. It’s Gonna Be Quite A Smoky Show


Nothing better than a moron slowly destroying their car and smiling the whole way through it, not even knowing what they’ve done until it’s staring them in the face.

5. Taking Your Lambo for a Spin


We don’t know what’s better, this douchebag spinning his Lamborghini or the laugh of the guy behind him.

4. Fastest Road Car but Not Waterproof


Unless this driver thought their Bugatti Veyron was amphibious, we don’t have a clue what they were trying to do.

3. Take The Short Cut!

Top 10 Douchebag Drivers Who Got What Was Coming to Them

This is what happens when you try to skip traffic by taking a shortcut through wet cement. Next time just wait like everyone else.

2. Mind the Slope


Why slowly drive up the slope when you can just mash the accelerator and crash into the car next to you?

1. A Lamborghini Sandwich


This is the video that inspired this list. Even though the driver spun out like a complete moron, you have to applaud the way they perfectly ‘parked’ in between those two cars.

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