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The Sportec GT2 R is a Track Demon – Video


The 750 HP, rear-wheel drive 911.

The Porsche 911 GT2 is an all-out beast of a car. Two turbochargers spit generous amounts of boost into the flat-six engine to create a sudden whirlwind of power that can snap a neck and cause the rear wheels to lose traction in the blink of an eye even with the most skilled driver behind the wheel.

But when you add even more power to the super car, you get one hell-raiser that lives for triple-digit speeds. Sportec has taken the standard 523 horsepower a whole other level of performance with the addition of new turbochargers, intake system, exhaust, ECU tune, and other go fast goodies. The end product is a whopping 750 horsepower being put down by the rear wheels on the Sportec GT2 R.

But fear not as Sportec has fitted aerodynamic 911 GT3 R bodywork and wide multi-piece that transform the car into a downforce-inducing monster with loads of grip.

Recently the Sportec GT2 R was spotted doing some time on the track with a few other models from the Swiss tuner.

Sportec GT2 R Video


[Source: jorrie2 and yd222 YouTube Channels]

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