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Top 10 Ultimate Dyno Disasters

Alex Kersten is Editor of Car Throttle. Alex doesn’t have a romantic story about ‘exiting the womb dreaming of cars’ or having the ‘car nut gene’ handed down to him. All he knows is that he’s happiest when he’s driving a car. Or writing about one. Or making a video. You get the idea. Car Throttle is making car discovery fun again with cool car videos and viral auto content.

A dyno printout is the ultimate way to prove that your vehicle’s packing more power than Obama. Sometimes, however, things don’t go quite according to plan…

The process is simple. Drive it on a ramp, strap it down, crank the gas pedal and bask in the glory that your new turbo and supercharger conversion has added at least a million horsepower on to your stock 220hp.

Somewhere along line, however, mistakes are made. Here are some of the funniest screw-ups you’ll find on YouTube:

1. Evo makes a break for it

2. Supercharged Mustang sh*ts itself

3. 1423hp ‘Stang turbo fire

4. Dyno nails old man

5. Massive blow out fail

6. Hot Rod can’t be tamed

7. Killer Scooby pounces

8. Engine disintegrates

9. Fire in the Hold(en)!

10. Redneck dyno run

What was your favorite Dyno Disaster? Leave a comment and let us know!


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