Travel Back in Time to 1987 with Lamborghini!

CBS 60 Minutes 1987 Lamborghini Story

The ’60 Minutes’ Special.

The 1980s were a special time. If you didn’t grow up during this neon-colored time filled with iconic music, the rise of modern technology, and lack of social media, you just won’t understand this totally bitchin’ era.

It was also a unique time for automobiles. Automakers were utilizing new technology such as turbochargers, safety was improving, and designs were far out. Exotic cars were exotic and unique; something that we could all admire and gawk over. Sitting at the forefront was Lamborghini with their Countach.

CBS 60 Minutes 1987 Lamborghini Story

In 1987, Morley Safer of ’60 Minutes’ on CBS did a special report on Lamborghini, highlighting their history, their business, factory, and one of their most iconic cars – the Countach.

The 12-and-a-half-minute special story featured Ferruccio Lamborghini, their chief test driver, Valentino Balboni, and others as they described the Italian automaker and their exotic car. It also showcased the pristine factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy where each part and car was built by hand over a lengthy period of time with a one-year-long waitlist.

Times were different back then, but we can all appreciate what this tiny Italian automaker was at the time and what they were doing that was so special.

Just imagine if they had all known what it would grow into today.

Source: CBS

Would you like to travel back in time to 1987 when the Lamborghini Countach was flying around?


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