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A Tree Going Through Your Rally Car Will make you Crap Your Pants

Tree Rally Car

Talk about a close call!

Rally Racing is both incredibly hard and dangerous. Even though numerous safety regulations have been implemented and vehicles have become more advanced, accidents happen and some injuries cannot be avoided.

This Opel Astra Gsi piloted by Paul Osuch and Lukasz Szczepanski on stage 7 Golden Forest-Witoszów Top 37 Rally Elmot was once such close call that shows just how easy it is to have a catastrophic accident. After losing control on one turn, they spin rearwards at 160 km/h (99 mph) only to have a large log impale their cabin right between them.

Now that was close!

Source: Kanał użytkownika soszuchsport

What would you do after surviving an accident like this?


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