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Brabus Tunes and Refines the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

AMG and everything.

The smallest SUV in the Mercedes-Benz model may not have the same presence or capabilities as its larger siblings, but the team at Brabus is making sure that they’re still a force to be reckoned with on the road. The new Brabus range of engine tuning, aerodynamics, chassis, and interior upgrades make the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class including AMG variant a sporty, custom-tailored crossover.

The entire range of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines powering the GLA-Class all can be tuned by Brabus’ plug-and-play modules that each come with a three-year/62,000-mile warranty. The modules boost the performance of the engines by adjusting the boost pressure, ignition, fuel delivery, and other parameters to create a stronger yet efficient output compared to the stock setup.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

The Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 with front- or all-wheel drive benefits from the Brabus PowerXtra B25 module that increases power from 208 to 245 bhp and torque from 258 lb-ft. to 284 lb-ft. That reduces the 0-62 mph acceleration time down to just 6.7 seconds and 155 mph top speed. For the high-performance GLA 45 AMG, Brabus offers the PowerXtra CGI B45 kit that results in an impressive 394 bhp and 369 lb-ft. of torque for a 0-62 mph acceleration time of just 4.4 seconds. Top speed also gets pushed back to 168 mph with the Brabus V/max unit. In the oil-burning GLA 220 CDI, the Brabus ECO PowerXtra D3 module tunes the turbodiesel to 208 horsepower and a meaty 302 lb-ft. of torque, good for an 8.0-second 0-62 mph time and 137 mph top speed.

All of these can be combined with the Brabus sports stainless steel quad exhaust system that spits out a more aggressive tone. The Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4Matic owners that want even more exhaust control can opt for the sports exhaust with an actively-controlled butterfly valve that alters the sound depending on different parameters.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

Brabus can make the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class even sportier or more comfortable, depending on the owner’s desires. A full range of 18- to 21-inch OEM-quality wheels are available from Brabus with the Platinum Edition forged wheels measuring 9.0J x 21 being featured in Monoblock F and/or R designs. These are suited up with either Continental, Pirelli, or Yokohama 255/30 R21 tires. The wheels can be combined with Brabus sport springs that reduce the ride height by 25 mm for a better center of gravity, while customers that want s lifted suspension and better visibility can opt for the Brabus suspension that raises the ride height by 30 mm.

The design of the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class becomes more aggressive with the addition of new Brabus components. The AMG-Line variants can be outfitted with a new front spoiler and design elements for the air intakes, along with a customized diffuser insert that accommodates the new stainless steel quad tailpipes. Atop the hatch, a new Brabus rear spoiler helps to add a more athletic aesthetic and generate more downforce. Brabus engineers have also designed a new LED underfloor lighting solution that incorporates LED lights beneath the doors that are activated by the door handles or key fob to make nighttime entry safer and easier.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

Inside, the in-house Brabus upholstery shop can give the cabin a wide array of custom-tailored leather, alcantara, and trims in a virtually limitless palette of colors. New accessories and components can also be fitted such as two-tone stainless steel scuff plates, matte anodized foot pedals, and new shift paddles.

All of the upgrades from Brabus are currently available as an entire package or individual accessories. The full Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class lineup can be modified with the aforementioned upgrades with the engine tuning modules coming with a Brabus limited warranty.

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class Specifications

Engine Tuning:
GLA 250:
Brabus PowerXtra B25 kit
Maximum Horsepower: 241 bhp / 245 hp
Maximum Torque: 284 lb-ft. / 385 Nm
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 6.7 seconds
Top Speed: 155 mph

Brabus PowerXtra CGI B45
Maximum Horsepower: 394 bhp / 400 hp
Maximum Torque: 369 lb-ft. / 500 Nm
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 4.4 seconds
Top Speed: 168 mph

GLA 220 CDI:
Brabus ECO PowerXtra D3
Maximum Horsepower: 208 bhp / 210 hp
Maximum Torque: 302 lb-ft. / 410 Nm
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 8.0 seconds
Top Speed: 137 mph

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Brabus Platinum Edition Monoblock F or R forged
Wheel Size: 18- to 21-inches (9.0J x 21)
Tires: Continental, Pirelli, or Yokohama
Tire Size: 255/30 R21
Suspension: Sport springs (25 mm lower) or lifted suspension (30 mm higher)

-Front spoiler
-Rear diffuser insert
-Underside LED entry lighting
-Rear spoiler

Brabus Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class Gallery

Source: Brabus

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