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Turn your speakers up to 10 for the Carrera GT Dyno Video


An otherworldly exhaust note.

The Porsche Carrera GT has one of the best exhaust notes of all time. The 5.7-liter V-10 engine’s sound builds and builds as the revs rise until you think it can go no farther, and then it keeps on going until your ears melt from its sweet melody.

At High Performance Driving in Texas, a Carrera GT dyno video was made to show the masses the incredible sound and power that the super car is capable of producing. Amidst a large crowd, the fully stock Porsche made two different dyno runs. The first run yielded a 547.03 hp output and the second achieved a 548.46 hp run.

The Carrera GT video is likely the greatest video that you will watch all day. No, scratch that, all week. The scream of the V-10 is unlike anything else and will leave your ears craving more. Turn those speakers up to 10!

[Source: HightechCorvette YouTube Channel]

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