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Two Kids Livin’ the Dream in the Porsche Museum at Night – Video

A night at the Porsche Museum.

If you’re like us, you’ve been surrounded by cars that we’ve admired for years in a dream, pretending to drive them and just stare at their beautiful lines. It happens every night and we wake up smelling like gasoline and exhaust fumes, while being covered in oil stains.

Well, Michael Köckritz and Red Indians Publishing created a video that would portray virtually every single one of us if we were able to sneak into the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart by ourselves. Two 12-year old boys sneak into the Porsche Museum at night and have the time of their lives as they explore every model, race car, gadget, and innovation that the German automaker has proudly created throughout its history.

Here’s the description as translated by Google:

Dreaming of what almost twelve year old boys? In any case, always fond of sports cars. A night with the best friend and then all alone in the Porsche Museum? Genial! Tim and Denis, our two high-tech kids sneak, then also the same with even a drone and laptop. Somehow. In the dream, just anything is possible. In the movie, anyway. Michael Köckritz, creative director and editor in chief of ramp tells this story in this shortcut. Simple and direct, ultra short and relaxed playful.

Now just go to sleep and maybe you’ll be as lucky as these two kids!

[Source: Vimeo]

What car museum would you dream of being left alone in? Leave a comment and let us know!


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