The Unholy Awesomeness of the Ferrari FXX K on the Track

Ferrari FXX K

Time to tear up the track.

Ferrari just recently unveiled their new Ferrari FXX K track-only hybrid hypercar at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. It boasts 1,035 horsepower, hardcore active aerodynamics, and is focused on one thing: going around a track as fast as possible.

The ownership experience carried a $3+ million price tag. We said carried because they’re all sold out already. So, you better start lining up trackside and you may be lucky enough to bear witness to this automotive perfection.

Thankfully, lots of people brought their cameras to the Yas Marina Circuit for the unveiling where the FXX K ran a few hellish laps.

Source: 4WheelsofLux YouTube

How do you think the Ferrari FXX K sounded on the track?


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