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Friday FAIL: This has to be the Worst Driver of All Time

Worst driver Calgary

The worst/hardest way to leave a parking lot.

Our Friday FAIL features at MotoringExposure are usually filled with head-scratching, comical stupidity from around the globe. This, however is mind-bogglingly hard and almost infuriating to watch. This has to be the worst driver not just Calgary, but all of North America.

At a parking lot in Calgary, a woman driving a BMW X3 attempted to back out of a space. Only she did by backing up into the Mazda 3 behind her. When that’s how the video starts, you know it’s going to be one for the ages.

She then proceeds to back up and maneuver around the parking lot in the most difficult way possible, attempting numerous million-point turns, even when the one car blocking her in drives away. Finally, the driver of the Mazda 3 comes out and helps her leave the lot, only to find out that she hit his car.

Luckily the security camera captured the incident. However, that’s not the entire story. According to Calgary police digital communications officer Const. Jeremy Shaw, the driver was even spoken to at the scene.

Thankfully, she was ticketed for the incident. Knowing her Canadian roots, she probably apologized profusely for the accident.

Source: Kidzidzi Kidzidzi YouTube Channel

Is this the worst attempt to leave a parking lot you’ve ever seen?


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