Up in Flames – The $375,000 Lamborghini Aventador Edition


The Aventador does its best Ferrari impression.

Super cars are offer red-hot performance. Sometimes they’re so hot that they initiate self-destruct mode and go up in flames. It’s always disappointing to see a car of that stature burn to the ground; we’d almost rather see a pile of money on fire than a beautiful car burn. Ferrari models have had quite a fiery reputation as of late, but now the Lamborghini Aventador is stepping into the mix.

A few days ago, a possible Aventador buyer went on the test drive from hell. After leaving a Southern California dealership, the Lamborghini Aventador caught on fire and burned itself to a crisp. The Lamborghini fire was difficult to watch, but thankfully, the man had not purchased the car. Instead of mourning the Italian super car, he decided to take a few pictures next to the chunk of charred metal as a joke. After all, it wasn’t his car that was now toast.

Apparently, the Lamborghini fire started in the driver’s side rear wheel was the source of the fire. The fire department responded and the car was a total loss.

Special thanks to the guys over at Luxury4Play for the thread!

Lamborghini Fire Gallery

[Source: Jalopnik, Luxury4Play]

What would you do if the car that you were driving started on fire during a test drive? Leave a comment and let us know!


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