Watch the Honda NSX-R go ‘round the Nurburgring in 7:56 – Video


A super car that’s still super to this day.

The Honda NSX may be a bit outdated by today’s super car standards in terms of technology, but it is still one of the best cars in terms of driving experience and performance on the market. Their mid-mounted V-6s are beautifully made and the chassis is ever so nimble. We’re hoping that the same formula for success holds true for the new NSX (please don’t disappoint us, Honda).

Recently, the NSX-R was put through its paces on the legendary Nurburgring and it showed us that it can still hang with the best performance cars of today by notching a 7:56.733 lap time. Not quite the 7:25 barrier-breaker, but it’s still very impressive for a car its age.

[Source: th3ua3 YouTube Channel]

What do you think of the NSX-R’s performance compared to the super cars of today? Leave a comment and let us know!


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