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Upgrade your Interior with an iPad Mini!

Tech nerds, ASSEMBLE!

Okay all of you Apple fanatics that picked up a new iPad Mini, we’re telling you that you should go and buy another one right this second or at least drive your car down to Sound Waves of Tampa right now because there’s a new way to enjoy your tablet – in your car!

We’ve seen aftermarket shops install Apple iPad tablets in the dashboards of cars before. Heck, even some automakers are integrating them into the cockpits of new cars. Sound Waves of Tampa is now installing the iPad Minis into the dashboards of all types of cars, and their first example was a 2012 Toyota Corrolla.

The team devised a pretty interesting way of integrating the tablet computer into the dashboard, by custom-tailoring the components so that the iPad Mini slides right into the console and can be closed while driving. The computer replaces the stereo DIN and controls the audio system through Apple’s Airport Express and a Bit One processor, while pumping out sound through Audison Voce speakers and amplifiers. Users can also play multimedia through a Wi-Fi connection as well as all-digital connections.

The Toyota Corrolla that became the first car to ever have an iPad Mini installed in the dashboard cost around $800.00 not including the price of the tablet computer.

It makes it even easier to use social media while you drive!

[Source: Sound Waves of Tampa]

Would you want an iPad Mini in your dashboard? Leave a comment and let us know!


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