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Friday FAIL: It wasn’t a good time for one Bentley Continental GTC

Flooded, scraped, and junked.

Hurricane Sandy was a total b****. She caused an extensive amount of damaged, displaced many people from their homes, and basically destroyed much of the northeastern coast. People’s homes, property, and lives were lost due to this once-in-a-lifetime storm, and it’s extremely unfortunate. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims and those that were affected by this disaster.

Sandy didn’t just hit homes hard, there’s a mess of cars that were left destroyed in its wake. Fisker, for example, lost quite a few Karmas to the storm. It’s always hard to see such examples of automotive engineering such as this featured Bentley Continental GTC fall victim to the disaster.

One person caught a terrible sight on camera that we as collective automotive enthusiasts hate to see – a Bentley Continental GTC being towed dragged down the road in the Tri-State area. The 552-horsepower super car was clearly damaged from the flood, with all four headlights filled halfway with brown floodwater rendering it pretty much totaled. But this piece of automotive prestige deserves to be sent to the junkyard with a bit more dignity than pulling the all-wheel drive model instead of flat-bedding it, and scraping it along the pavement. It just sounds painful, even if it is totaled.

This Friday FAIL is dedicated to you, Sandy, and all the damage that you caused to the northeast coast, and this Bentley Continental GTC, you b****.

[Source: ag32k1 YouTube Channel]

How painful is it to watch this Bentley Continental GTC get towed? Leave a comment and let us know!


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