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Vorsteiner Previews the new V-GT Porsche 991 911

Vorsteiner Porsche V-GT 991 911

The sharpest 991 in the tool box.

After the first Porsche 991 911 models were released across the globe, the specialists at Vorsteiner began working on a new upgrade program for the sports car from Stuttgart. Although the car is still being developed, the aftermarket tuning company was able to release a teaser image of what we can come to expect from the Vorsteiner V-GT 991 911 program.

The new Vorsteiner V-GT Porsche 991 will be an evolution of the previous V-GT products for the previous 911 models. The wider, more dynamic design of the 991 can be visually and aerodynamically upgraded with the Vorsteiner V-GT package. The wider track is complemented at the front by a new spoiler that also helps to create downforce for better high speed stability. Along each side of the Vorsteiner Porsche 991 sit new skirts that visually lower the car and redirect air away from the wheel wells. While the lone preview picture does not show the rear of the 911, expect a new diffuser insert to be available from Vorsteiner to further aid in improving aerodynamic stability.

In addition to the Vorsteiner V-GT aerodynamic package, new wheels will also be available for the 911. Vorsteiner VS-360 ten-spoke, three-piece forged wheels are featured. The VS-360 wheels are available in 19 to22-inch diameters with 8 to 13 inch widths and can accommodate big brake upgrades. Due to the fact that each wheel is made from forged 6061-T6 aluminum, they help to reduce unsprung mass and improve overall performance.

In the Vorsteiner V-GT Porsche 991, we can also expect a new exhaust system upgrade that will give both 3.4- and 3.8-liter flat-six engines an upgrade in terms of sound and power. Plus, it may also shed a few pounds.

The Vorsteiner V-GT Porsche 911 upgrade program has not officially been released. Pricing and other details have not been made available, but we will keep you updated!

[Source: Vorsteiner]

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