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Vorsteiner V-RT Aero Package for the 911 Turbo Exposed

Porsche’s flagship gets some attitude from Vorsteiner.

The 997.2 911 Turbo has again set the bar higher in terms of performance and everyday driving comfort. The latest V-RT appearance package from Vorsteiner showcases the performance of the latest 911 Turbo, with a goal of reducing weight and improving aerodynamics by adding new bumpers, spoilers, wheels, and additional carbon fiber components.

The new Vorsteiner V-RT package not only changes the appearance of the 911 Turbo, but it reduces weight and optimizes airflow. All components are made using dry carbon fiber vacuum technology which lowers weight by up to 40 percent while offering improved stiffness and strength over comparable steel and aluminum components. At the front, the Vorsteiner V-RT package reduces weight by replacing the front bumper with a carbon fiber composite (CFRP) unit, which eliminates the front fog lights and replaces the plastic air ducts with larger carbon fiber ducts. Additionally, a carbon fiber chin spoiler further improves downforce.

Although the front has a more striking face, the rear boasts a powerful and muscular design. To increase handling and downforce, a new carbon fiber wing and decklid with enlarged air intakes for improved cooling. The new rear bumper gives the 911 Turbo a wider stance and features enlarged intercooler extraction vents that provide better airflow. Integrated into the bottom of the bumper is a new carbon fiber diffuser with twin aero fins.

Further reducing weight are a number of additional carbon fiber components for the rest of the exterior. To shed 55 pounds, Vorsteiner replaces the stock roof panel with one made entirely of carbon fiber. This gives the 911 Turbo a lower center of gravity, resulting in improved handling. Customers can also order carbon fiber side mirror covers and carbon fiber door sills to match the other carbon fiber components.

With the same weight-reduction mindset, Vorsteiner also offers a number of forged one-piece monoblock aluminum and three-piece forged wheels that provide both high-strength durability and lightweight performance. The wheels are available with high-performance Michelin PS2 Sport tires and a center lock option.

The new V-RT package is currently available from Vorsteiner Porsche for the new 997.2-generation 911 Turbo. For more information visit the Vorsteiner V-RT microsite at

Front Components:
-Carbon fiber composite front bumper
-Carbon fiber chin spoiler
-Larger duct openings
-Removal of stock fog lights

Rear Components:
-Carbon fiber decklid and wing with twin ram air scoops
-Carbon fiber rear bumper with enlarged side intercooler extraction vents
-Molded carbon fiber rear diffuser with exhaust cutouts

Other Exterior Components:
-Carbon fiber roof panel
-Carbon fiber mirror covers
-Carbon fiber door sills
-One-piece monoblock forged aluminum wheels
-Three-piece forged aluminum wheels
-Center locking option

[Source: Vorsteiner]

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