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Watch a 2,000 HP Lamborghini Gallardo Go for a Swim

Gallardo lake

That’s not good…

Supercars and water don’t exactly mix, unless you’re talking about water-cooled engines. The cars don’t like H2O and we don’t like to see them in there. This twin-turbocharged, 2,000-horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo just decided that it needed to go for a dip during a high-speed pass and got itself and its driver into some hot water.

During a half-mile run, the driver of the Gallardo lost control and ended up sliding into a small pond right next to the strip of pavement. After photographers took their time to take some shots of the accident, everybody decided that it was time to go help the driver. Luckily, the driver was unharmed and the car was able to get towed out of the watering hole.

Source: TheRacingChannel

How embarrassed would you be if you ended up in a lake during a drag race?


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