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Watch a 7-Year-Old Do a Monster Burnout


This kid can light ‘em up.

A kid getting behind the wheel of a running car usually spells bad news. They aren’t coordinated and trained to use these machines and it can have disastrous consequences. But, when a kid gets behind the wheel of a car in a controlled environment and does a monster burnout, it’s pretty cool!

This 7-year-old girl got into a truck with her father for some fun. Unlike the kids in India driving a Ferrari by themselves or the kid that drove a Ferrari in the sand, this little girl was monitored by her father during the burnout. The truck was strapped to a hoist so that it could not move. The little girl followed instructions and put the pedal to the metal to create a garage filled with white tire smoke.

She had quite the grin on her face after lighting up the rear tires and letting that engine roar.

Just don’t try this at home, kids.

Source: EveryGameForYou YouTube Channel

Is this little girl going to grow up to be a car enthusiast or what?!


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