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Watch an AMS GT-R take on two Underground Racing Gallardo Racers


Turbos, turbos, and more turbos.

Underground Racing and AMS are two companies that share the goal of going faster than ever before. In the past we’ve featured videos showcasing a few AMS GT-R models in the quarter mile, as well as numerous Underground Racing Gallardo, 458 Italia, and R8, and Murciélago super cars.

At the end of April, the two companies met up at the Texas Speed Syndicate for some 1,500+ HP runs through the quarter-mile to simulate street racing and crown the King of the Street.

In one lane was the AMS GT-R nicknamed the ‘Alpha Omega’ that was putting down over 1,500 horsepower to the wheels. Insane, we know.

Two different Underground Racing Gallardo “R” models sporting twin-turbocharger upgrades were positioned in the other lane, each putting down 1,500 + horsepower to their wheels.

That’s over 4,500 horsepower between just THREE cars! The AMS GT-R ‘Alpha Omega’ ran two runs, one against each of the Underground Racing Gallardo “R” models. We won’t spoil the results for you, but we’ll just say that bad starts didn’t stop the winners from crossing the line first.

[Source: TTGallardo2006 YouTube Channel]

Which of the cars would you rather have: the AMS GT-R or the Underground Racing Gallardo? Leave a comment and let us know!


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