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Watch this BMW M4 Get Some Air Trying to Show Off

BMW M4 Cars and Coffee Crash

That’s what happens when you try too hard.

Car shows are a vital part of the automotive community. It gives everybody from all walks of life the opportunity to gather for a common hobby and open up the automotive world to a new audience.

Cars and Coffee is one of the bigger events that occurs around the United States, and just like any car show, there’s always at least one idiot who tried way too hard to show off and ends up embarrassing themselves.

This BMW M4 driver was at the Carlsbad CA Cars and Coffee and decided to get on the throttle while spectators were watching and (thankfully) filming. The driver lost control of the M4 and flew over the center divider, causing the sports car to hop into the air and cause quite a bit of damage.

Don’t be an idiot at car shows, folks.

Source: Reddit

Did this BMW M4 driver get what he deserved?


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