Watch this Dodge Viper get Destroyed and Try Not to Cry


Why, oh why?

We hate seeing rare and special supercars be neglected, get damaged, or totaled. These beautiful machines don’t deserve it; they never did anything wrong. Watching this Dodge Viper get demolished by the huge claw of destruction is quite sad.

According to “Shawn C”, the poster of the video, the Viper had to be destroyed and they had four more to go after this example. Maybe they’re a bunch of sour Corvette enthusiasts, maybe the cars were beyond salvageable, or maybe they were confiscated and ordered to be destroyed. Whatever the case, it’s still sad to see.

We’ll do a memorial burnout for the fallen Viper.

Source: Shawn C YouTube Channel

Are you sad to see this Dodge Viper get crushed and destroyed by the Claw of Doom?


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