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Get Crazy with the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V LP-740

Vorsteiner Aventador-V

Carbon fiber everywhere!

Lamborghini’s newest batch of supercars, one-offs, and limited-production models are all focused on cutting weight through the use of lightweight materials, especially carbon fiber. So, when Vorsteiner decided to create the Lamborghini Aventador-V LP-740 upgrade program, they used their carbon fiber expertise to create a visually distinct and functional package.

The new Vorsteiner Aventador-V has all sorts of the lightweight black fun stuff, from spoilers and splitters to diffusers; all designed around creating a more aggressive and aerodynamic supercar.

Things start out up front with a new pair of carbon fiber splitters. These two units work by channeling downforce underneath the bumper and extend outwards, ending in “floating” fins. As an option, the Vorsteiner Aventador-V can be outfitted with a race lip spoiler that extends an additional 5 mm outward for even better performance and style.

Vorsteiner Aventador-V

As the new carbon fiber at the front of the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V LP-740 works to reduce lift, new side sills help to calm airflow and add a touch of visual muscle. The new sills feature fins behind the front wheels to help control airflow, which are repeated prior to the rear wheels in order to redirect air away from the wells.

As speed builds on the Vorsteiner Aventador-V, downforce and airflow grow to improve overall performance and handling. A large active aero wing sits proudly at the rear. The two-piece carbon fiber autoclave wing replaces the factory decklid and bolts on seamlessly. Each upright features a 90-degree kink and retracts into the body panel when less downforce is needed. Below the wing sits a new 2 x 2 carbon fiber pre-preg autoclave diffuser keeps the factory aerodynamic properties but adds an aggressive style and can withstand the heat from the exhaust system.

Vorsteiner Aventador-V

The final touch for the Vorsteiner Aventador-V is a new livery kit that gives the supercar a custom-tailored appearance. The kit features a center stripe for the hood and integrated Vorsteiner “V” logo along with stripes for the hood, trunk, and roof. Customers can also order the nine-piece carbon fiber trim kit that adds the sporty black stuff to the side vents, front hood, grille, and rear diffuser.

All of the featured carbon fiber and graphic upgrades on the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador-V LP-740 are currently available for the Italian supercar. Pricing for the upgrades has not been released.

Vorsteiner Aventador-V Specifications

-Rear carbon fiber active aero wing
-Carbon fiber front splitters
-Carbon fiber race spoiler
-OE carbon fiber trim package
-Rear carbon fiber diffuser
-Carbon fiber side sill extension blades
-Livery kit

Vorsteiner Aventador-V Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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