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Watch this Father Teach his Autistic Son how to Shift Gears

Autistic Son Shifting Gears on a Subaru WRX STI

Passing the automotive passion on to a new generation.

Autism is a disorder that affects approximately 1 in 68 children in the United States. The symptoms and ways that it affects individuals ranges drastically across a wide spectrum. While some may look at this disorder as a thing to be ashamed of, the people affected are, at the end of the day, still people just like you and I. They have the same wants, desires, passions, and basic needs.

Omar Chavez has a son, Spenny, who is on the Autism spectrum and legally blind. Despite being affected by blindness and being on the Autism spectrum, Spenny enjoys a passion for cars, especially his father’s Subaru WRX STI. Unfortunately, due to his visual impairment, Omar’s son will never be able to get a driver’s license and legally drive.

Autistic Son Shifting Gears on a Subaru WRX STI

However, the duo still finds ways to overcome that and share a passion for cars. Spenny loves being picked up in his father’s WRX STI, and over time, has been learning how to properly shift a manual transmission.

So, with Omar in the driver’s seat and Spenny in the front passenger’s seat, the pair set off for a memorable drive. Omar steered the STI and operated the pedals while his son shifted each gear from first, to second, to third, and so on with a priceless smile.

This opportunity to shift gears and experience part of driving for Spenny was incredibly special and rewarding for the duo. Not only did Omar get a chance to share a memorable moment with his son, but Spenny was able to learn something that many of us still don’t know how to do – shift gears properly in a manual transmission. The sensations and feeling of the shifter sliding into each slot to shift gears while vibrating at speed is something that Spenny can now say that he accomplished and was able to do.

The passion for automobiles is something that can be enjoyed by all, no matter the ability, and can show that we’re more alike than different.

Source: omar chavez YouTube

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