Watch a Ferrari LaFerrari Overtake Everything

Ferrari LaFerrari Monza

On-board POV-style fun.

Have you ever seen a Ferrari LaFerrari in your rear-view mirror? If you have been lucky enough to bear witness to the Italian masterpiece behind your car, you know that it doesn’t stay there for long.

One driver took his friend and a cockpit-mounted camera out to Monza for a few laps in the Ferrari LaFerrari for all of our (and his) enjoyment. It’s apparent right off the bat that the hybrid system doesn’t take away from the hardcore nature of this 950 bhp monster. It’s roaring, high-revving V-12 engine is alive and well as it passes everything with ease and does a few power slides around corners for good measure.

Source: Powerslide Lover YouTube

Would you be able to handle the Ferrari LaFerrari around Monza?


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