McLaren Previews the P1 GTR Interior and Has the Best Driver’s Program, Ever

McLaren P1 GTR Testing

The track-only model gets better and better.

Back in August, McLaren gave the world a glimpse into what is set to be one of the best track-only driver’s cars in the world with the McLaren GTR Design Concept at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Not only will the super-exclusive hybrid supercar have incredible performance, but owners will have unprecedented access with the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Program that essentially thrusts you into the world of a professional driver.

Testing is currently underway for the McLaren P1 GTR at the extreme desert conditions at Bahrain International Circuit, and the British automaker was kind enough to release some new pictures of the driver-focused cabin.

McLaren P1 GTR Testing

The entire cockpit has been designed to focus around the driver and has only the bare minimum, save for the essentials without sacrificing ride quality or comfort. The incredibly light 198 lb. MonoCage chassis surrounds the driver and incorporates a roll cage to meet FIA load requirements for rollover in GT racing, without reducing headroom for the driver.

The carbon-clad cabin of the McLaren P1 GTR features a newly-designed, exclusive steering wheel that gives drivers greater control and access to vehicle controls. The Formula 1 heritage is apparent with the design of the steering wheel being based on the 2008 Formula 1 Championship-winning MP4-23 racer. All of the controls and switches are ergonomically located to allow the driver to make changes and adjustments without removing their hands from the wheel while wearing a full race suit, gloves, and helmet. The Drag Reduction System (DRS) and IPAS buttons are both easily accessible for maximum performance.

McLaren P1 GTR Testing


Holding the driver in place are lightweight DTM-style racing seats with six-point harnesses and HANS-approved carbon fiber seat shells. To save weight even more, the seats are specifically tailored for the driver and mounted directly to the chassis. While the cabin is stripped of any unnecessary refinements and comforts, air conditioning is still retained for hot days on the track.

As part of the ownership experience, drivers are treated to an unmatched Driver Program. The program gives each owner unprecedented access to the McLaren Technology Center along with experts, coaches, and drivers to take advantage of the car’s capabilities. The McLaren P1 Driver Program will be tailored to each driver and launch them into the life of a Formula 1 driver by having a dedicated race team during races, training, and insights.

McLaren P1 GTR Testing

“The program is about enabling our drivers to get the most out of the McLaren P1™ GTR. Before they get out on track, each driver will join us at the MTC and have unprecedented access to the cutting edge facilities, including the racing simulator. This will enable drivers to build up a greater understanding of the car’s capabilities and true performance, as well as learning the braking and turn-in points before they arrive at the circuit. It also allows them to analyze and discuss their performance ahead of testing themselves in the real world situation, so they are fully prepared when they take to the track,” said Paul Mackenzie, McLaren P1™ GTR Program Director.

Currently, McLaren is testing the P1 GTR at the Bahrain International Circuit to push the limits of the Carbon Black and bare carbon fiber test car in the desert heat. Engineers are optimizing aerodynamics, the IPAS powertrain, and honing in all aspects of the track-only supercar to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

McLaren P1 GTR Testing Gallery

Source: McLaren

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