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Watch This ‘I just Dented Your Supercar’ Prank

Supercar Dent Prank

A few laughs and a few angry people.

DennisRoady loves to pull pranks and do good deeds for people, like taking a few homeless friends for a ride in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. One of the latest pranks that he and his team pulled off had a few people laughing and a few others pretty angry.

Deeds’ prank was to basically write ‘Hit your car! Sorry for the dent!’ on a Post-It note and stick it on the windows of supercars, then film their reactions. Deeds and his friend also instigated the situation by leading the owners around the car in a never-ending search for the fictional dent and giving them horrible advice.

There were a few owners/drivers that were good sports about the situation and even got a laugh out of it but a few others were a bit upset over the prank.


Source: Dennis Roady Deeds

What would you do if someone pulled this prank on you and your supercar?


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