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Featured Fitment: Vorsteiner F13 BMW M6 with VSE-003 Forged Monoblock Wheels

Vorsteiner F13 BMW M6 VSE-003 Forged Wheels

…And some new carbon fiber!

Downforce and cooling are two important functions of any aerodynamic system on a performance vehicle. They help a vehicle go faster for longer periods of time and keep it sticking to the asphalt. The BMW M6 may already have all the aero that it needs from the factory, but Vorsteiner has even more in store to improve cooling and downforce with some carbon fiber goodies along with a new set of VSE-003 Forged monoblock wheels for good measure.

Vorsteiner’s GTS-V front spoiler for the E92 BMW M3 was a very popular upgrade for enthusiasts due to its aggressive look and functionality. That same spoiler design has been transferred over to the F13 BMW M6 along with its F12/F06 siblings. The new PrePreg carbon fiber GTS-V front spoiler seamlessly meshes with the factory bumper and helps to generate downforce at high speeds. The new spoiler also works to redirect more fresh air into each of the front air intakes to cool the braking system for better overall performance.

Vorsteiner F13 BMW M6 VSE-003 Forged Wheels

In addition to the new GTS-V front spoiler, the BMW M6 was also equipped with carbon fiber aero side blades, a rear diffuser, and deck lid spoiler. These lightweight add-on parts build upon the factory design and help to generate downforce in all the right places.

But Vorsteiner wasn’t finished with their F13 BMW M6 prototype. They installed a new set of their Special Edition Forged VSE-003 Monoblock wheels to give the Grand Tourer a commanding presence. The new forged wheels were fitted in a staggered 9.5 x 21 front and 11.0 x 21 rear setup, each boasting a dark Matte Black finish to match the carbon fiber parts on the Singapore Gray body color.

With Vorsteiner’s new carbon fiber aerodynamics and VSE-003 forged wheels, this BMW M6 has plenty of style to match its thundering muscle.

Fitment Specifications

Wheels: Vorsteiner VSE-003 Forged Monoblock
Finish: Matte Black
Front Wheels: 9.5 x 21
Rear Wheels: 11.0 x 21

-GTS-V Front Spoiler
-Aero Side Blades
-Rear Diffuser
-Deck Lid Spoiler

Vorsteiner BMW M6 with VSE-003 Forged Wheels Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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