Watch Kai Goddard behind the wheel at the 2011 25 Hours of Thunderhill


Surviving the 25.

SNT Motorsports Development Corporation took their No.15 Ford GT to the 2011 25 Hours of Thunderhill with their sights set on winning the ES class. Drivers Tomy Drissi, Jared Thompson, Steve Tarpley, Dave Smith, and Kai Goddard were all set to take the checkered flag.

With a second in class and fourth overall in qualifying, the team was ready to battle it out. Unfortunately after keeping pace and putting up quite a fight with the race leaders, the No. 15 Ford GT was forced to retire in the 14th hour due to mechanical issues.

Although the team may have been forced to retire, they are looking to return and fight to the finish at the 2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill. Thankfully our friend, Kai Goddard, was able to strap on a GoPro camera during his nighttime stint and give us a firsthand view from the driver’s seat.

[Source: Kaigoddard YouTube Channel]

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