Watch the M2K Motorsports Ford GT Obliterate the Texas Mile


Unleashing all sorts of hell on the mile-long strip.

The Texas Mile is an opportunity for people to showcase their car’s performance capabilities in a mile-long strip of open asphalt. For a while, Hennessey Performance owned the strip of track with their Ford GT and its 263 mph runs. Now, M2K Motorsports owns the record-holder title with a run at the Texas Mile Beeville.

Their tuned and modified Ford GT sounds like a fury of roaring bees exploding in a whirling vortex of destructive air. The monster Ford GT was able to set a new record with an impressive 278.2 mph run at the mile-long track. That’s just 21.8 mph away from hitting the 300 mph barrier!

Source: Matt Plotkin YouTube Channel

Are you impressed by the new M2K Motorsports Ford GT Texas Mile run?


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