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Watch Monster’s B.J. Baldwin Rescue a Damsel in Distress


Monster Energy has some pretty talented drivers promoting their beverages, one of them being B.J. Baldwin. In their film, #RECOIL, Baldwin takes his 50-horsepower Trophy Truck with 34-inches of suspension travel out in the Mojave Desert, across some asphalt, and into Las Vegas.

The film begins with Baldwin speeding out of his garage and roaring down the street, into the desert while a “damsel in distress” races down the road only to have her Nissan GT-R break down. Luckily, Baldwin is there to rescue her and gives her a racing suit to put on. They then drive through the desert and rudely interrupt a photoshoot on their way to Las Vegas.

Now we just need a Trophy Truck and some open desert.

[Source: monsterenergy]

Does #RECOIL make you want to go drive a Trophy Truck in the desert?


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