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Prior Design Gives us the PD650 Widebody Range Rover Evoque

Prior Design PD650 Evoque

Gettin’ wide with the Evoque.

The Range Rover Evoque has ushered in a fresh, new style to the British automaker’s lineup and has brought in a different, younger clientele. Its modern looks and style spearheaded the redesigns of other Range Rover models and has become quite popular. Now the team at Prior Design is trying to add some visual muscle to the SUV with the new PD650 Widebody package for the Evoque.

Prior Design PD650 Evoque

The new Range Rover Evoque PD650 Widebody is made completely from high-quality Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) that offers a good mix of strength and stability as well as a surface finish that’s perfect for painting. Each component was designed to negate the need for any modifications to the factory car, and can be easily installed and removed.

The new Prior Design PD650 Widebody kit adds a dramatic touch of sport to the Range Rover Evoque. The front of the SUV starts out with a new add-on spoiler that visually lowers the bumper, and seamlessly meshes with the widened front and rear fenders and side skirts. The front of the Evoque also sports a new hood with dual vents to help cool the engine bay. At the rear sits another add-on spoiler that has the fins of a diffuser to add a dynamic look to the luxury SUV and integrates the factory exhaust tip.

Prior Design PD650 Evoque

All of the components in the new Prior Design PD650 Widebody kit for the Range Rover Evoque come with all of the necessary mounting material and fits all Range Rover Evoque 5D-generation models. The entire upgrade is priced at 6,900 Euros and customers can have the kit installed at the Prior Design facility if necessary.

Prior Design PD650 Widebody Range Rover Evoque Specifications

-PD650 Front Add-On Spoiler
-PD650 Rear Add-On Spoiler
-PD650 Front Widenings
-PD650 Rear Widenings
-PD650 Side Skirts
-Mounting material

Prior Design PD650 Widebody Range Rover Evoque Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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