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Friday FAIL: Two Idiots Street Race and Hit Each Other

Swappin’ paint.

Forget the disclaimer at the beginning of this video. It’s a bad attempt at trying to get people to believe this street race never happened. Unless they have a digital effects studio that makes Pixar seem like a start-up, then this wasn’t “digitally created”.

So two guys got together to drag race their Porsche 911 Turbo and tuned Ford Mustang on an empty public road alongside each other. Great idea, right? Sure is, especially when you’re mashing the throttle of a rear-wheel drive car and cannot handle the power.

So the two drivers set out with their faces censored because it’s a digitally-created video (why not just have Donald Duck driving the Porsche at that point), and lined up next to each other after warming up their tires with sick burnouts. Both drivers prepared to launch themselves towards internet fame by hitting the throttle and outfitting themselves with an array of cameras. As the rubber spun and both cars gained speed, the Mustang lost control and hit the Porsche because it just had way too much power, bro.

The Porsche received some damage to one of its wheels and needs a repaint while the Mustang needs a new “skinny” according to the video description on YouTube.

This is why you don’t street race on public streets, folks. Go to a drag strip where you can’t hit each other or “digitally render” the race on Forza Motorsport or GranTurismo, or else you’ll end up on Friday FAIL. Just like the description says: “*DO NOT try this at home! Luckily no one was hurt in the digital creation of this video!”

[Source: TheRacingChannel YouTube and CarThrottle]

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