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Watch a Skyline get Destroyed by a Mobility Scooter

Grandma lives life a quarter of a mile at a time.

Mobility scooters have a reputation for being incredibly slow, whether they’re in a Wal Mart or down the sidewalk, and are sometimes piloted by lazy, inconsiderate people. But, they don’t have to be at all.

Those four-wheel scooters with grey tires and electric batteries can be high performance machines, and they look hilarious in the process. The team at Garage Insanity believes that mobility scooters can be fast as hell, and have built one using a Suzuki GSX-600F motor.

The motorcycle-scooter Frankenstein build can reach 140 mph and the quarter mile at 102 mph. To show off its performance, Garage Insanity pitted it against a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T and Peugeot 106, which it absolutely destroys on the track. The only problem is that the scooter looks incredibly unsafe, so don’t let Grandma drive it.

Source: Garage Insanity

Would you like to drive a high-performance mobility scooter?


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