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AC Schnitzer and BLAKEN Team up for the Explorer II and ACS6 Gran Coupe

AC Schnitzer ACS6 BLAKEN Explorer II

Two aftermarket companies team up.

Part of the joy of owning an automobile that’s been tuned and upgraded by a company is the exclusivity that comes with the car. Not only is the car rare, but it reflects your personality. With this in mind, the team at AC Schnitzer teamed up with Rolex specialists, BLAKEN to create a new timepiece program for owners of the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe.

“To help our customers buy a complementary watch and car, we recently entered a collaboration with AC Schnitzer“, said Hendrik Jürgens, Founder and Managing Director of BLAKEN. “For example, anyone now buying an ACS6 Gran Coupé also has the opportunity to order a BLAKEN Explorer II with AC Schnitzer branding. We can create the right counterpart on the wrist for every other model too”, adds Rainer Vogel, Managing Director of AC Schnitzer.

Customers of the AC Schnitzer ACS6 Gran Coupe are getting one of the most exciting and engaging variants of the BMW F06 on the market. Both the 640i and 640d can be tuned up to a thrilling 360 horsepower, equipped with an array of carbon fiber accessories, and given custom-tailored interior accessories. AC Schnitzer also allows customers to select from a wide range of wheels in a variety of designs and finishes, sport springs, and brake options for better style and performance.

BLAKEN Explorer II

As part of the partnership between AC Schnitzer and BLAKEN, the new F06 BMW 6-Series Gran Coupes will be outfitted in a special matte copper finish.

Customers that order the AC Schnitzer ACS6 Gran Coupe will be given the exclusive option of ordering a custom-tailored BLAKEN Explorer II timepiece to match the new car. The BLAKEN Explorer II features a high-tech material that is eight times harder than Rolex watchsteel. Each timepiece will be corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, and virtually scratch-proof and made without allergenic materials. The BLAKEN Explorer II will also feature a shimmering copper face with AC Schnitzer branding that complements the ACS6 Gran Coupe.

Each BLAKEN timepiece is made in Germany and comes with a three-year worldwide warranty. Only customers of the AC Schnitzer ACS6 Gran Coupe have the option of purchasing the copper Explorer II.

AC Schnitzer ACS6 BLAKEN Explorer II

Source: AC Schnitzer

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