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Watch this Lady Flip Out over a Modified Subaru

Lady Flips out over Subaru WRX STI

Those damn kids and their damn cars!

Okay, so not everyone likes cars, especially ones that go fast and make loud sounds. I know, it’s hard to believe and I think these people need to get out more as well. But, these people exist, and this lady is one of them.

Lady Flips out over Subaru WRX STI

While filming a friend driving his Subaru WRX STI, a very, very angry lady seemingly comes out of nowhere guns blazing. She begins screaming at both the person filming and the driver of the car, even going as far as to try and stand in front of the STI to get it to stop. Of course, everyone just laughs at her uncontrollable anger and numerous f-bombs that she lobs around.

While we can’t make out half of what she’s yelling, our best guess is that she lives in the neighborhood and is angry at this group for driving around their loud cars.

We’re not saying that these kids were disrespectful to this neighborhood or this lady, but just be conscious of others with your cars, guys.

Bonus points at 0:37 for the S13 coupe!

Source: Gary Dell’Abate YouTube

What would you do if this lady started freaking out over your car?


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