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Watch this Woman Start a Fire at a Russian Gas Station

Russia Fuel Fire

Why? We may never know.

We have quite the head-scratcher for you today and it comes from glorious Russia, courtesy of someone’s dashcam.

At a frigid fueling station in Surgut, Russia, one woman went about her business filling up her car as a car behind her sat with their dashcam rolling. For some unfathomable reason, the woman pulled out a lighter as she was fueling up and held it right next to the fuel door.

Russia Fuel Fire

She held a lighter next to fuel. Why, why, WHY?!

As you’d expect, the fuel ignited and so did her car. The flames quickly spread and the other driver instantly got the hell out of there because a fire at a fuel station is a very, very bad situation to be in.

Our only guess to why the woman used a lighter is that something was stuck because of the sub-zero temperatures in the city and it needed some heat to come free. Still, it was pretty much the stupidest thing that she could’ve possibly done in that situation.

Source: MrMegaROMA YouTube

Why would this lady use a lighter while trying to fill up her car with fuel?


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