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Watch the Toyota AE86 go up against the new GT-86


Living up to the legend.

Remember when the Corolla was a fun car to drive? Well, Toyota does, and that’s what helped to spawn the new GT-86/FR-S sports car from the Japanese automaker. The Corolla may be a bit anemic now, but the new GT-86 is arguably one of the best sub-$30k driver’s cars currently available.

So, the team at Auto Express decided to put the new GT-86 up against the car that it was modeled after – the rear-wheel drive AE86 Corolla. Even though the AE86 is over 20 years old, it’s still a very well balanced, natural sports car that is still regarded as one of the best driver’s cars that Toyota ever built.

How does the new GT-86 stack up? Watch the video and find out!

[Source: Auto Express YouTube Channel]

Do you think the new GT-86 is a worthy successor to the original AE86? Leave a comment and let us know!


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