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Chevrolet Corvette w/D2Forged MB1 Monoblocks – Featured Fitment

Corvette D2 MB1 Monoblock Forged

Aggressive American Power.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has always been a symbol for American power and performance by keeping up with (and often beating) higher-priced super cars from around the world. The team at D2Forged has equipped the sports car from Detroit with a new set of forged MB1 monoblock wheels with a performance-minded setup to visually emphasize the athleticism of the Corvette Z06.

Packed with a 7.0-liter V-8 engine equipped with an Akrapovic exhaust and various aerodynamic carbon fiber body components, the new D2 MB1 wheels perfectly complement the more aggressive performance of the upgraded Z06. Instead of sticking with a conventional 19-inch front and 20-inch rear setup, the team at D2Forged opted for a more aggressive 20-inch by 20-inch fitment that does not negatively affect performance. The D2 MB1 Monoblock wheels were installed in a wide 10 x 20 size at the front axle and 13 x 20 setup at the rear for better overall grip.

For the Spider Gray exterior finish of the Corvette Z06, D2Forged opted to give the MB1 Monoblock forged wheels a finish that would complement the overall color scheme of the exterior and match the carbon fiber components. Each D2 MB1 Monoblock wheel was given a matte black finish with Titanium Graphite flange striping, and subtle red accents on the bolts and D2Forged center cap.

For additional information on the fitment or wheels, visit D2Forged.

Corvette D2 MB1 Monoblock Forged

Corvette D2 MB1 Monoblock Forged Specifications

Wheels: D2Forged MB1 Monoblock forged
Front Wheels: 10 x 20 inches
Rear Wheels: 13 x 20 inches
Finish: Matte black with Titanium Graphite flange striping, red bolts, and hand-painted D2Forged center cap.

Corvette D2 MB1 Monoblock Forged Gallery

[Source: D2Forged]

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