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Watching a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Explode is Seriously Awesome

Silver Shadow Explosion

…and a bit sad.

It’s always fun to blow stuff up. From being irresponsible with fireworks to playing with gasoline, explosions are a sure-fire way to make things dangerously exciting. Photographer, Tyler Shields, thought so as well as he took his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow to the desert to have a little fun for the sake of art.

Shields has a history of blowing up and burning expensive things, and this classic Rolls Royce might be a bit hard to watch at first, but the slow-motion explosions and flames with Johann Strauss II’s The blue Danube playing in the background is incredibly amusing.

Just don’t go around playing with matches, kids… unless you have a slow-motion camera rolling.

Source: Tyler Shields

What luxury car would you like to see blown up?


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