Your Weekend GIF: New Mustang Burnout

Mustang Line Lock

The new line lock makes things fun for the new Mustang.

The new Ford Mustang has garnered a wide range of opinions on its new design and its variety of engines from the turbo-four to the monster V-8. One of the coolest new features on the sixth-generation Ford Mustang is easily the line lock and it lets you do all sorts of smokey burnouts.

Line locks aren’t anything new or revolutionary. Drag racers have been using them for a long time for burnout duty. Basically, the system electronically disengages the rear brakes and lets you spin those rear tires into oblivion.

Better start saving up for tires now because they’re going to go really quick.

Check out the video demonstrating the new line lock feature:


Source: Ford

Who wants to smoke some tires with the new Ford line lock feature?


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