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A Well Cut Diamond – Diamond in the Rough

Jack Diamond

A comical parody of today’s car shows.

We, at MotoringExposure, are adamant proponents of quality car shows. We think that the car enthusiast has gone long enough without mainstream television appeasing their insatiable appetite. Finally, in the past 10 years, this has been done. There are car shows in such abundance that some of them take hiatuses before we even know they are gone.

Jack Diamond

We are also good sports. As long as it is done respectfully, we can take a good joke on our favorite hobby. However, Jack Diamond is the best spoof on a television program we have seen. This video is so entertaining and true to the genre, that if this guy doesn’t get a show or at least a YouTube web series, it will be a terribly tragedy. This video is produced by Car Bros. The same folks who brought us the hilariously accurate Mustang vs. FR-S comparo and this expert depiction of the Ferrari owner everyone loves to hate. Enjoy this episode of “Diamond In The Rough” as much as I have and please, please, please subscribe, “like” and comment. The powers that be need to hear rumblings about this comedic car show channel. Here is an example of a real group of car guys who can respectfully laugh at the quirks of their own passion – as we all should be.

Source: CAR BROS YouTube

Would you like to see Jack Diamond get his own YouTube Car Series?


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