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DMC Shows off Another Ferrari 458 Elegante

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante by RACE!

Getting sharp in South Africa.

DMC Exotic Car Tuning has made a name for itself with Lamborghini upgrades, and they’ve expanded with the other Italian supercar maker – Ferrari. The Maranello-born supercars have been getting more exciting thanks to DMC as of late and the 458 Italia is no different. The German company created the 458 Estremo, 458 Monte Carlo, and 458 Elegante, the latter of which was just showcased in South Africa by DMC partner, RACE!

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante by RACE!

Based on the Ferrari 458 Italia, the DMC 458 Elegante by RACE! sports a pretty exciting aerodynamic upgrade that gives the supercar an even more dynamic and impressive appearance.

The new DMC 458 Elegante aerodynamic kit is installed as a complete package that optimizes airflow to certain aspects of the supercar and generates downforce for better handling and stability. All of the components are installed without damaging the factory mounting points, meaning that it can return to the stock setup at any time.

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante by RACE!


The DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante featured here beside two lovely models in South Africa was built by RACE! and shown off in South Africa. The supercar features a new front lip with side extensions that curve upwards as they move towards each side where they meet the wheel arch. The new side skirts feature the same design and taper upwards towards the rear fenders to optimize airflow away from the wheels.

The real muscle is showcased at the rear, behind the high-revving 4.5-liter V-8 engine. Here, a new lip spoiler sits atop the decklip while a massive carbon fiber diffuser sits beneath the triple exhaust outlets to keep that butt planted on the asphalt.

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante by RACE!

The DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante by RACE! is currently available as a complete package. DMC Exotic Car Tuning also offers a range of wheels, styling, interior, and engine upgrades that allow customers to create a custom-tailored supercar to their liking.

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante Gallery

Source: DMC Exotic Car Tuning

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