What car would you drive if you were a super villain?

Because the dark side is so much fun.

The Joker, Dr. Doom, Magneto, the Green Goblin, the list goes on. All of the infamous super villains have an interesting and oftentimes insane personality that’s always wreaking havoc on the innocent and their superhero counterparts. It’s just so much more fun to be bad.

So what car would you drive if you were a super villain?

Ryan Konko’s Pick: Buick Grand National GNX

Buick Regal Grand National GNX

It would be a tough decision. My super villain car would have to fit a certain criteria: it would have to be black; it has to go against the automotive industry norm; and it has to be powerful. A black Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale sounds ideal with its brutal exhaust note and aggressive looks, but it’s a bit too mainstream for my tastes. Satin black Aventador? I think Batman already took over that market. The car I’d choose to cause havoc with would be a Buck Grand National GNX. The car holds onto the nickname of being “Darth Vader’s car.” It’s black, has a boosted V-6, and was an American car that could go blow-for-blow with other high-priced exotics. Plus, the GNX just looks bad ass, enough to make me join the dark side of the force.


Mike DelaCruz’s Pick: Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77

I’d pick an Aston Martin One-77 in satin black. With a full carbon fiber chassis, a handcrafted aluminum body, and a naturally-aspirated 7.3 liter V12 engine with 750 hp, I can easily escape from any situation if needed while letting out a menacing V-12 roar. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Now it’s your turn. Let us know what kind of car/vehicle you would drive if you were an evil super villain by leaving a comment!



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