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Tuning Factory gives us a pair of BMW 7 Series

Going through the Tuning Factory.

The BMW 7 Series is the flagship of the Bavarian automaker’s lineup. It has it all; looks, power, and comfort. But, BMW has not made an M-version of the executive sedan. Tuning Factory UG has taken up the task of building two performance 7 Series nicknamed the NO. 7s, each with varying degrees of performance.

The first of the Tuning Factory NO. 7s takes the 7 Series to another level of performance. The stock engine was given a complete tuning program resulting in an output of 720 bhp and 809 lb-ft. (1,090 Nm) of torque. The sprint to 62 mph takes just 3.5 seconds and top speed is pushed all the way back to 217.48 mph (350 km/h). To accommodate for the extreme performance, Tuning Factory installed a set of carbon ceramic brakes measuring 396 mm at the front axle that save 154 lbs of weight along with new wheels and tires. Much of the bodywork such as the body sills and front of the 7 Series were replaced with carbon-hybrid components to shed even more weight. Then, the German tuner focused on the exhaust and entertainment systems that were replaced with lighter units. In the end, the BMW 7 Series weighed in at a total of 4,466 lbs. (2,030 kg).

The second option is not as powerful as the first Tuning Factory BMW. Engine upgrades help output rise to a total of 530 horsepower and 546 lb-ft. (740 Nm) of torque. This enables the 7 Series to accelerate to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 192.63 mph (310 km/h). Tuning Factory also includes a high-performance steel brake system for improved stopping power.

Both of the Tuning Factory BMW NO.7 cars are available from the German tuner. The 720 bhp model is available for € 198,000 (+/- 311,500 USD), while the 530 horsepower model with six-gear sport transmission is priced at € 169,800 (+/- 267,200 USD).

Tuning Factory NO.7 BMW 7 Series Specifications

Stage 1:
Maximum Horsepower: 530
Maximum Torque: 545.72 lb-ft. (740 Nm)
-Six-gear sport automatic transmission
-High-performance steel brake system
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 4.2 seconds
Top Speed: 192.63 mph (310 km/h)
Price: € 198,000 (+/- 311,500 USD)

Stage 2:
Maximum Horsepower: 720 bhp
Maximum Torque: 808.83 lb-ft. (1,090 Nm)
-Carbon ceramic brake system
-Carbon hybrid front and body sills
-Lightweight sports exhaust system
-Lightweight entertainment system
-New wheels and tires
Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.5 seconds
Top Speed:217.48 mph (350 km/h)
Price: € 169,800 (+/- 267,200 USD)

Tuning Factory NO.7 BMW 7 Series Gallery

[Source: Tuning Factory]

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