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Who said a Lamborghini isn’t Practical?

Lamborghini Gallardo Towing

Tow and stow!

If you have any little need for towing, capability, and/or space from your vehicle, the immediate recommendation from others is to buy an SUV. Even if you can do everything that you need with a standard car, you always need a big SUV/truck because that’s the world that we live in today. Bigger is apparently always better.

Well this Lamborghini Gallardo towing a trailer and strapped with building materials has shattered that mentality by showing that even a super car can be practical.

Lamborghini Gallardo Towing

A French home remodeling and repair television show, “Des rénos qui rapportent gros,” used the Lamborghini Gallardo to make a statement and grab attention, and attention they grabbed for sure.

While driving down the busy city streets, pedestrians and bystanders whipped out their cell phones to catch the anomaly.

We really don’t suggest towing a trailer with your super car though.

Source: Motor Cars YouTube

Would you ever tow a small trailer with your super car?


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