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Why are Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche 911s so beautiful?

We’ll let you decide.

It could be the curvy lines. Maybe it’s their smooth, rounded figures. Or, it could be their wide stance with motorsport-inspired spoilers that sets them apart from other aftermarket body kits. One thing is for certain: they are works of art.

Inside the Rauh Welt Begriff workshop lays a cluttered mess of parts and tools with unfinished 911s sitting, waiting to be given a one-of-a-king transformation. You’ll also find Nakai-San, the sleep-deprived mastermind behind these pieces of automotive artwork, chronically smoking cigarettes and working on his passion.

It’s no secret that the Rauh Welt 911s are beautiful. They have slowly grown to become an almost underground icon and will soon be making their way to the US. While we’re left here waiting, we’ll leave you with a few videos that show off the stunning looks of the RWB Porsche 911s.

Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche Video



[Source: Luke Huxham]

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