You Wish Your BMW Could Fly Like This


No big deal.

There are many reasons why rallying is one of the greatest forms of motorsports in the world. It requires so much skill, preparation, coordination, and reaction time. It also provides us with some of the most exciting and mind-bogglingly-insane driving scenes, ever.

Take this flying BMW being driven by Priit Koik and co-pilot, Alari-Uku Heldna, for example. The two Estonians were speeding through the Viru ralli 2014 on the 2.1-km Kehala Course, which is one of the biggest, fastest, and arguably craziest circuits in Estonia when the made the jump of their lives.

“Why the craziest?” you may ask. Well, just ask Koik and Heldna. Their BMW got some serious hang-time at the course. The best part of it all is that the two were true racers throughout the experience, never even acknowledging the jump and just speeding on trying to get the best time possible.

If that was us, you’d be hearing a lot more expletives and a pair of new race suits would be needed ASAP.

On board footage:

Source: T Murdjõe and Priit Koik YouTube Channels

How would you react after making a jump like this?


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